Carter, South Dakota was platted in 1909 and named for Jervis Carter, registrar of the U.S. Land Office. The influx of homesteaders looking for land continued to spread westward to the borders of the Rosebud Reservation and speculators were purchasing land in anticipation of the railroad. Carter was the gateway to the west and to the Rosebud Reservation, speculation of the railroad coming through made Carter almost a sure thing. The town grew and flourished with sixteen businesses by 1914.  Then disaster hit, the rail line went north to Wood, SD.  The Land office that Carter was supposed to get went to Gregory the same year. The population in Carter was 103 in 1915 and in 1980 the population was 7. In 1983, the town was dissolved and the post office closed. The town is still home to the Carter Fellowship Church, the original Carter School House, the Red Hill Saloon and a few loyal residents.

Picture your next travel stop in Carter, South Dakota!

Carter SD
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