Gayville, South Dakota is another town that the railroad built in 1872 and was named for Elkanah Gay, the first depot agent with the railroad.

The name, Gayville, usually brings a smile to the stranger that has not heard of it. The Gayville cemetery sign has made it to national television and printed up in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Once a growing agricultural center, Gayville, SD suffered the same problems as many of the other small farming communities in the depression years. Drought, dust storms and grasshoppers cut into the farm income causing for failed farms. By the end of the depression years, Gayville had grown so small that it never could compete with the larger nearby towns.

Today, Gayville sits in one of the main hay producing areas in the state. Sitting on top of one of those hay bales, you might see that wily South Dakota ringneck pheasant and know you are in the heart of pheasant hunting country. The few businesses in Gayville also cater once a year to the pheasant hunters with a restaurant, fishing, and hunting guides and lodges.

Picture your next travel stop in Gayville, South Dakota!

Gayville SD
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