Stephan, South Dakota is located on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation. Stephan is a small Native American Village made up almost entirely of the Catholic Immaculate Conception Indian Mission and boarding school. In 1886 the mission was established and 160 acres of land was issued to the mission by the U.S. government. In 1887, a post office was established and the town was named Stephan. The town and mission were named after Father Joseph Stephan, Director of Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions.

Several fires have occurred throughout the years destroying various parts of the Mission and school. Two different tornados’s also damaged all of the buildings but as with the fires the Mission rebuilt, only to become a little larger and a lot stronger.

Today Stephan, South Dakota has a complete academic curriculum offered for junior high and high school level Native American students. In 1970 the Benedictine Monks turned over the school and grounds to the Crow Creek Indian Reservation.

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